Can you share your story on video to help others?

We want all Carers in East Kent to know about us and to access our services when they need them.

If you’ve used our services, you can help us to show the difference we’ve made to you and your life by recording a short video clip on your smartphone.

Where we will use your video clip

With your permission (you’ll need to sign our consent form) we will use your video clip on this website, on our social media channels and possibly within our monthly Carers’ News Bulletin.

What should your video clip cover? Here are some ideas…

  1. Who you are – please introduce yourself, your caring responsibilities and how being a Carer makes you feel
  • Use your first name only, your age and say the area in Kent in which you live (e.g. I’m May, I’m 54 and I come from Hythe)
  • Tell us who you are a Carer for and briefly why they need your support (e.g. I care for my husband John who has had dementia for 5 years….)
  • Tell us the kind of things you have to do as a Carer
  • Tell us how being a Carer makes you feel – these might be positive or negative, rewarding or challenging.
  1. Tell us how you’ve been involved with Carers Support East Kent and the support you have received.
  • Why did you get in touch with Carers’ Support East Kent in the first place?
  • Which of our services have you used? Have you attended our drop-in or support sessions in person or more recently online, had a Carer’s Assessment, taken part in social activities, had support from our Carers’ Hospital Service or Young Adult Carers Service, used our Carers Forums, live chatted with our team or something else?
  1. Tell us how getting information and support from Carers’ Support East Kent has made a positive difference to you personally and your life?
  • Tell us about both the practical and emotional impact on you, how you felt before and how you feel now.
  • What have you learnt that will stay with you?
  • What other positive ways has Carers’ Support East Kent affected you?
  1. What would you say to other Carers in East Kent that haven’t used our services yet to encourage them to contact us?
  • Tell other Carers why you’d recommend they get in touch with us.

The tech bit:

  • Record your video on your smartphone no more than 3 minutes long and save it as an mp4 file with your name in the file name.
  • Use your phone horizontally on a tripod if possible, (or make sure it is straight) in decent light without background noise and don’t speak too quickly. Make sure there is nothing personal behind you, a relatively plain wall as a backdrop is best.
  • Sign the Consent Form allowing us to use your video clip on our website, in our e-newsletter and social media channels
  • Send your video clip to with ‘Carer video’ in the subject line (or send it via Dropbox or We transfer) if you prefer, together with your completed Consent Form

VIDEO NOT FOR YOU? We’d still love to hear your story and how we’ve helped you. Get in touch and we’ll happily interview you over the phone and write up your story instead.