I welcome my Carer’s Needs Assessment each year

Katy is 52 and lives in Canterbury. She cares for her husband Mark who has a rare progressive form of Motor Neurone Disease called Kennedy’s disease and her mum who has had several strokes.

“We were once two professionals and our lives have been devastated by Mark’s condition. Mark was forced to retire at 46, and although our income had fallen off a cliff, our bills continued to increase. We often have to travel miles and miles to receive care and have had to make adaptions to our home which were paid for with savings that we will never be able to replace. I welcome my Carer’s Needs Assessment each year through Carers’ Support East Kent. It is the one time of year when I reflect on how my life has changed and what I am doing extra for Mark. I look at the balance of my life and my own welfare at this time. Carers’ Support East Kent comes up with suggestions and we look at other support that might be available for me as a Carer.”