Carers’ Rights Day 2023 – Thursday 23rd November

Carers’ Rights Day is an annual campaign coordinated by Carers UK where hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals come together to raise awareness of caring, helping to identify Carers and signposting them to information, advice and support.

Whether someone has recently become a Carer, realised they have been caring for a while without support or has been caring for someone for many years, it’s important they understand their rights and are able to access the support that is available to them whenever they need it.

Did you know that Carers are entitled to:

  • have an annual statutory Carer’s Assessment
  • discuss flexible working options with their employer
  • protection from discrimination
  • request a free flu jab
  • identify as a Carer
  • be consulted on hospital discharge for the person they care for
  • Some new rights, right around the corner

    The Carer’s Leave Act is something that has been campaigned for tirelessly for many years and we expect it will become law in 2024. It will give employees juggling work with unpaid care a legal right to request up to five days unpaid leave every twelve months, which will help many manage some of the day-to-day challenges of being a Carer – enabling them to stay in employment.

    With the introduction of the new Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act anyone, including unpaid will be able to ask their employer for changes to their working hours, times of work, or place of work, from day one. And being able to ask for a different flexible working arrangement more than once a year will be a huge help too. We expect the Act to become law in 2024.

    We are launching our Carer-Friendly Employer training programme as part of our activities to help local employers navigate the new landscape and support Carers within their workforce.

    Let us know if your employer would be interested by clicking the button below: