If you, or the person you care for, is LGBTQ+, you may feel that you face additional issues and challenges in your caring role. You may be worried about accessing services and have concerns that they may not be welcoming or able to meet your needs. You may worry about discrimination or people not understanding your situation.

A study by Carers UK found that 1 in 10 people who identified LGBTQ+ are also a Carer for up to 19 hours per week. A Gaddum and LGBT Foundation short survey showed that 68% Of LGBTQ+ Carers they spoke to felt that support services needed to take steps to become more LGBTQ+ friendly. A 2011 Stonewall survey found that three in five older LGB people were not confident that social care and support services, like paid carers or housing services, would be able to understand and meet their needs.

We understand that sometimes people can even be discouraged from seeking support because they worry about others’ reactions, anticipate stigma or discrimination.  We appreciate that for some, this may add to the impact that caring has on your life and that it could increase feelings of isolation.

Whatever your situation, please contact us we will listen to what matters to you and give you information about support available to you.

“My partner recommended Carers’ Support East Kent after I had a ‘Carer breakdown.’
Shona is 24 and lives in Deal. Shona looks after their partner who has a brain disorder called FND. This means she is unable to walk, experiences regular seizures and is unable to leave her home.”

Read Shona’s experience of how we support LGBTQ+ Carers.


If you look after a partner, relative or friend who could not manage without you, we can provide the information and support you need by phone, email, online, text and in person.