Carer stories

Carers are all ages and come from all communities. Every Carer’s situation is unique but there are lots of common themes, things that many people experience because of their caring role. Here, some of the Carers we’ve supported have shared their story with us.

How you can share your story to help others

Andrew’s story

Andrew became a full-time Carer for his mother who has dementia in 2020 and started a new business working from home to help him combine work with caring for her.


June’s story

June Cray lives near Canterbury and is a full-time Carer for her 30-year-old daughter Laurel who has Cerebral Palsy and autism.


Jan’s story

Jan Gray lives in Aylesham. She is a mum of three, Carer for her young adult autistic son who has asthma as well as multiple allergies. She also works as a part-time paid care support worker.


Gill’s story

Gill is 70 and lives in Broadstairs. She combined caring for her husband who had multiple strokes with working as a teacher, until he passed away in 2019.