Carer stories

Carers are all ages and come from all communities. Every Carer’s situation is unique but there are lots of common themes, things that many people experience because of their caring role. Here, some of the Carers we’ve supported have shared their story with us.

How you can share your story to help others

Toni’s story

Toni works full time as an Accounts Clerk and also looks after her stepson Richard, who experienced irreparable brain damage following the removal of his second brain tumour.


Gaynor’s story

Gaynor combines studying and working for her nursing apprenticeship with caring for her young adult daughter who has autism and mental health issues.


S’s story

S is a Carer for her mum and needed to have heart surgery. She was worried how her mum would be looked after while she was in hospital and contacted our Carers’ Hospital Service for support.


J’s story

J’s 99-year-old father was discharged from hospital and she was supported by one of the Carer Support Coordinators from our Carers’ Hosptial Service.