Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion


Carers’ Support East Kent is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion, both internally with our team, and externally with the Carers we support.

We believe and take seriously our role in creating an inclusive society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, whilst recognising the need to treat everyone as individuals, with different needs, preferences, and abilities. Our aim is to reflect this in all that we do, ensuring that our services can be accessed by all sections of the community, and that our workforce reflects the diversity of the population we serve.

We recognise that we all have differences, from our geographical origins and family relationships to our belief systems and abilities. With these differences come different experiences and requirements and being committed to diversity means being committed to valuing, harnessing, and respecting these differences. For us, inclusion means ensuring that everyone feels included and valued, either as part of our team, or as a Carer accessing our services.

We strive to make our workplace and service inclusive and accessible to everyone. This includes regular monitoring of our workforce and those using our service, taking steps to locate and support ‘hidden’ Carers who are not yet accessing our services and support, and adapting the service we provide for example by providing information in alternative formats.

Our vision is for all Carers to be recognised, valued, and supported and we are committed to our mission of raising awareness of Carers and providing the support and information that Carers need. We recognise that Carers may face exclusion and seek to address this by ensuring that the experiences and challenges of Carers are heard and considered by decision makers.