Carers provide a valuable and often invisible role in society. Family, friends, colleagues, professionals and employers have an important role to play in recognising and supporting Carers. Here are some ways you can help.

  • Be aware of how being a Carer might affect someone’s life.
  • Be a listening ear and offer practical help and support when you can.
  • Recognise how valuable and important being a Carer is.
  • Encourage Carers to look after their own health and well-being.
  • Suggest Carers tell their GP, workplace or school/college about their caring role.
  • Tell Carers about Carers’ Support East Kent and the services we offer.

If you’re a health, social care or education professional, find out how to support Carers in your organisation and refer Carers to us (with their consent).

If you’re an employer, find out how to make your workplace more Carer-friendly and contact us for help.

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