Support With the Cost-of-Living Crisis

As the temperature drops, here’s some useful information on how to keep warm amid the cost-of-living crisis. Keeping warm over the winter months is especially important when looking after an older loved one or someone with a health condition. NHS advise to heating the rooms that you regularly use, such as your living room and bedroom, to at least 18°C.

With the cost of heating rises you may be considering reducing your usage of energy so here is some information that may help heat your home more efficiently. Make sure you’re getting all the help that you’re entitled to. There are grants, benefits, and advice available to make your home more energy efficient, improve your heating or help with bills.

Find out more about ways to save energy in your home from GOV.UK, or call the government helpline on 0800 444 202. You can also find out more from GOV.UK about benefits and financial support if you’re on a low income.

If struggling with energy bills visit the money saving expert guide that covers all the help available right now and where to go for one-on-one support.

The NHS has some useful information on health and the importance of keeping warm in the winter season. Visit their website here live-well and seasonal health from NHS.UK.

If you are struggling with the rising costs of living, we have details of a range of organisations offering support with staying warm and well, with support such as:

  • Information and Advice
  • Food Banks
  • Warm Spaces

You can find a list here or please call our friendly team 0300 302 0061 and they will be happy to share information about what might be available in your community.