We provide a range of information and support services for Carers in East Kent, by phone, email, text, online and in person.



Professional referrals are not needed to access our services, and many Carers self-refer. However, we do welcome referrals from health, social care, and education professionals, providing the Carer has given consent for the referral to be made to us.
There are two ways for professionals to refer. We will always confirm receipt of your referral.

  1. Phone referrals – call 0300 302 0061
  2. Online referrals – complete the form below.

Please complete as many contact details as possible for the Carer. This increases our chances of being able to contact the Carer, many thanks.

If "Other", please state the organisation type
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How you can help Carers

Because 1 in 9 people in Kent are Carers looking after a relative or friend, it’s likely that if you work in health, education or social care services you will be coming across Carers regularly. Many Carers find they are unable to look after their own health or social needs because of the amount of time they spend caring.  Looking after yourself as a Carer is important. As a professional, you can help by:

  • identifying Carers as early as possible and referring them to services like ours
  • helping Carers to feel more valued
  • improving the health and well-being of Carers
  • making your services more Carer-friendly.

Carers’ Support East Kent is a member of the county-wide Kent Carers Matter campaign where you can find more information about how professionals, organisations and employers can support Carers.

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We welcome comments and compliments, respond to complaints and are totally committed to involving Carers in everything we do.