Welcome to the Carer’s Lounge!

We want to make sure unpaid Carers and families are listened to and have access to the support they need.

The Carer’s Lounge is a joint project between Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust and Carers’ Support East Kent.

It is a safe space for anyone providing an unpaid caring role to meet other Carers and share information, support and ideas. We will also let you know about any national initiatives, meetings, events and get togethers that are taking place.

If you’d like to get involved with us to develop what we do and provide services that listen to you as a Carer, please email us at kentchft.engagement@nhs.net or phone 01233 667810.

We’d love to have you on board.

For Carers seeking support within East Kent, please click here for Carers’ Support East Kent.

For Carers seeking support in the rest of Kent and Medway, please click here to find your local Carers Support organisation.