Raising funds?  Thank you – you’re amazing!

Thank you for helping to change the lives of Carers by fundraising for our Time for Me Appeal.

Whether you undertake a personal or team fundraising challenge, take part in Bake 4 Carers, choose us as your charity of the year or have something else fun in mind with friends, family, or colleagues – whatever you do, you’ll be doing something amazing to help Carers. Just decide what you want to do and then get sponsored.

We can assist and support whatever wonderful plans (the weird and wacky are welcome too) you have to raise funds. Or if you’re stuck for ideas, we can help with that, too. We have loads of tips to help your fundraising activities. Whatever you do, we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

20 in 21 fundraising challenge

Up for a challenge? Take part in our 20th anniversary celebration challenge event – 20 in 21.  To take part, simply do something for 21 minutes, 21 hours, 21 days or 20 times, over 20 metres, 20 miles,  – the possibilities are endless! Here are some more ideas.

  • Could you hop on one leg or hula hoop for 20 minutes? Over 21 days?
  • Could you be silent (or stop swearing) for 21 hours? Or for 20 minutes for 21 days?
  • Could you give up chocolate or alcohol for 21 days?

Don’t go it alone.  Fundraising is more fun with others, get your school, family, friends or colleagues involved too.

  • Could you cycle, swim, run 2021 metres in relay? Between 20 of you, that’s only 100m each.  The distance across the English Channel is 21 miles, so between 21 of you, that’s a mile each.

Bake 4 Carers

Get ready, set, bake! Challenge friends, family or colleagues to cook up a storm and see who the star baker is.  Share photos of your master creations online for donations or, when safe to do so, hold a cake sale at work or school.

Go your own way

Got something else in mind? Or already registered for an event?  Why not raise sponsorship for our Time for Me Fund.  Whatever you’ve got in mind, let us know so we can support your fundraising.

Need a little help?

We can offer you support, encouragement and materials, so please do let us know what you are doing, we’d love to hear what you’re planning and offer help too.

Contact our fundraising team

What next?

Set up an online sponsorship page for your fundraiser

“Enthuse” allows you to set up an online sponsorship page (linked to our Appeal) that can be personalised; it is free and easy to use. Just click the button below to get started. Use your page to tell your supporters why you are supporting Carer’s Support East Kent and why you are raising funds and what it means to you – tell your story. Add pictures or videos, be creative and show your progress to keep the page fresh.

Your family and close friends are likely to be your best supporters, so ask them to donate first as having a few donations on the page will motivate others. People tend to match amounts so make those first few count.


Promote your fundraiser on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and others) are great ways to promote your activity, to reach a wider audience and gain more donations. Keep it fresh.  Be creative with pictures. Provide interesting or funny updates.  Don’t forget to link posts to your Virgin Money Giving page. If you work, promote your fundraising activity in your staff newsletter or on your intranet if you have one.

Get others involved – work, school, clubs

Don’t go it alone.  Fundraising can be more fun with others! Could your employer, your school/college or social club help?  Could they get involved, offer a raffle prize, allow you to hold a cake sale, or could they match what you raise with a corporate donation?

Choose us as your workplace, community or sports group’s charity of the year or work in partnership with us and we’ll do everything we can to help your fundraising be a success.

Fundraising safely

Common sense goes a long way, but if you want more information about fundraising safely here’s a useful link

Please keep in mind that you must use the expression ‘in aid of’ Carer’s Support East Kent when fundraising, to distinguish your fundraising from ours.  Also note that you are responsible for organising all aspects of your fundraising and we will not accept any liability relating to your activities.

Thank you.  Whatever you do, you’ll be doing something amazing to help Carers.