Kent COVID19 community champions initiative

Coming Together while Staying Apart – The Fight against Covid‐19

To help in the fight against the virus, Kent and Medway are looking for residents with an interest in health and wellbeing to sign up to become Covid19 Community Champions.

As we are all aware, some areas in Kent and Medway are among the worst hit in the nation with infection rates soaring to twice the national average. To help in the fight against the virus and to protect our family and communities, we are asking for your help. Please volunteer to become a Covid 19 Community Champion. The fight against long term health and social impact is not one that we can fight alone.

Medway Council, Kent County Council, NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have come together looking for volunteers to help in spreading positive public health advice, local support services and safety messages.

You can help us by taking part in the initiative. As a Coronavirus Community Champion, you will be trained with the latest public health information so that you can make connections with local residents in your community to help Kent and Medway stay well this winter and beyond.

This is a voluntary role with no set hours so you can choose how much time you dedicate each week to being a champion. We’re looking for individuals who have a real interest in helping their local community stay safe and well while helping clarify the latest government guidance to residents who may be unsure.

You will be invited to help with:

  • updating your local network and community with the latest local and national guidance around coronavirus
    talk to those most at risk to help them stay safe
  • promote healthy lifestyle changes, including healthy eating and physical activity
  • be a voice for those around you, your household, school, work, club, group of friends and your local community to champion staying well and protecting one another this winter
  • help signpost residents to local mental and physical health services, supporting those residents in particular that you encounter who have been affected by coronavirus and the latest restrictions

The support you will receive
As a champion you will have the support of our partner organisations. This support includes

  • We will send you regular emails that details the current facts and figures about coronavirus
    in Kent and Medway, along with key updates
  • We will invite you to attend an online meeting with all other champions to hear the most up to date information about coronavirus including statistics and data, planned support programmes for vulnerable residents and what the health and social care system are doing to prepare
  • We will invite experts to give you an opportunity to ask questions on what is happening across Kent and Medway and feedback what your community is telling or asking you

How to become a Champion
It is easy to join by clicking here, or you can email: (you can also email on if you live in Medway or if you live in Kent)

  • Please include the following details in your email:
    your name
  • postcode

If you want and can help us with the Covid19 Community Champions Project it will make a big difference. Coming together while staying apart may help us see the end of the impact
this pandemic has on our lives.

Alternatively, you can join on social media:
On facebook:
On twitter: @KentandMedway